Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weight Gain Bars - Build Mass Fast!

weight gain bars

What Are Weight Gain Bars?

Essentially they are meal replacement bars. Slightly different than the average Protein Bar. Weight gain bars are something you can eat when you are looking to build some extra mass or bulk up that physique.  Of course,  it's always best to go with whole foods when possible. When possible we should be consuming items like full fat dairy, nuts, hearty oats and breads, or nutrient rich protein shakes.  But in this busy world sometimes we need something that will get the job done that we can grab on the go, and that is where the weight gain bar comes into play. They are loading with protein and calories.  But when choosing your weight gain bars you must be careful because many of them are loading with sugars and refined carbs. This is not ideal when your goal is to put on healthy weight in the form of muscle. If eating sugar built muscle, this would be MuscleMurica, but instead it's and obese Murica so watch out for those sugars! Make sure to read the labels and if it's a good weight gain bar it should list whole, natural ingredients on the packaging.

weight gain bar

Why Would Someone Want To Eat Weight Gain Bars?

Sometimes our regular diet just does not provide enough protein and calories to fuel all the muscle we are trying to build. Sometimes people don't have the appetite to keep eating, but still want more protein "healthy" calories. Again, Weight Gain Bars are excellent for this!

What If I Healthy Bars But Not So Many Calories?

Some people need a convenient on-the-go meal bar option without so many calories. If that is the case then you are better off with some sort of protein bar. My personal favorite is the Clif Chocolate Mint Bar. They have loads  of protein, they are made with natural ingredients, and they taste absolutely delicious if you ask me! 

Is It Dangerous To Eat Weight Gain Bars?

Absolutely not. Basically, it's a lot of calories packed into a small space. But if you don't need the calories then don't eat them! 

How Much Weight Will I Gain Eating Weight Gain Bars?

The weight should come on relatively slowly. After all, it is muscle that we are focused on building and that takes a little bit. It's not like you should gain 10 pounds in a week or something. Make sure you are doing adequate exercise to make up for the extra calorie intake. You need to burn those calories to tear those muscles. If you just eat a bunch of calories and don't exercise, you will get fat. If you seem to be gaining weight in the wrong areas ( not muscles ) then you should stop eating weight gain bars. 

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All Natural Ingredients

Be on the look for bars with dried fruits and nuts as the main ingredients. These bars will be sure to be loaded with calories in a small package without loading you with empty calories. Nuts will help to provide protein, vital minerals, and healthy fats, while the dried fruit is a good natural source of calories and sugar. One of the things that you want to make sure is absolutely minimal in your bars in the high fructose corn syrup! This stuff is terrible! If it is one of the first ingredients listed, then pass and find something else! Avoid aspartame and sucralose as well. That's just part of my opinion. 

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