Low Fat Smoothies For Weight Loss

Low Fat Smoothies For Weight Loss

Many people don't realize the importance of feeling motivated while on your path to a healthier lifestyle. The truth is, if you are not feeling motivated then you are going to have a much, much harder time succeeding in reaching your goals. So it's very helpful if you are able to identify something in your life that makes you feel motivated in reaching for this goal you have. To some people music is simple motivation and as long as they have there earbuds and Ipods they are ready to exercise! But exercise is only have the battle, and dieting is the other extremely important part of this equation.

It should be easy enough to understand that body relies on what you put into to get its nutrients and everything else that it needs to keep your body systems and organs functioning properly. So it should come as no surprise that putting junk in your body doesn't make it impossible to lose weight, but it most certainly slows the process! My best suggestion is to commit to something for at least 21 days. People are often sold the idea that something can fix their problems overnight. I'll tell you what, nothing is going to happen overnight in terms of reaching your dieting and exercise goals. But it all starts with the decision to commit and try. Remember that it takes the human mind 21 days to make and break habits. It may seem like hell for the first 3 weeks, but if you stick to it and don't "cheat" then you will basically have taught your mind that this is the new you. Of course people can always revert back to their old ways but this "3 week hump" is a huge mark and things get easier from there.

Many people will find that they are exercising and dieting but still not receiving the results they want. Many times this has to do with portion control. As Americans, we have been blessed with the ability to often gorge upon as much food as we want until we are completely full and satisfied. This often results in over eating and is the answer to make peoples question as to why they aren't getting results. The common 21 day fit diet program focuses heavily on portion control. 

You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is why we need to start with something that is good for us and tastes great! I am talking about smoothies! For the first 3 weeks of my health journey I found it hard to give up traditional breakfast items like bacon, sausage, pancakes, and whatever else was easy and unhealthy. But after I got used to switching off fruit smoothies and protein shakes for breakfast I feel as if I could never go back to the old traditional items. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading, remember, commitment counts!

I like this smoothie recipe because it's easy, healthy, and very quick to throw together. Of course you can add so many other fruits to this if you choose, personally I think when you add many fruits you lose some of the ability to taste the individual fruits. 


  • 6 oz plain fat free yogurt   
  • 1 peach
  • 1/2 cup raspberries 
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract  
Other ingredient ideas
*To get the same swirl effect as the picture
  1. Blend raspberries with 3 oz yogurt, a few drops vanilla extract, and 1-2 ice cubes then pour in the glass
  2. Blend peaches with 3 oz yogurt,  and 1-2 ice cubes and pour on top in the glass.
Blend 30-45 seconds.  Recommended to use a Professional grade blender like the Ninja Ultima Blender, but any blender will work just fine!

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